Saturday, April 3, 2010


This morning when Customs and Immigration came to our Quest for clearance and to issue our Zerpa (exit papers), we added Adam and Reuben to our crew list. After having washed the dingy and help load it upon to the Quest, they are officially "CREW".  We will hate to leave the group of sailors here that so graciously welcomed us "yatistas" into their flock.  We thank you all for your words of advice, interesting stories, goodies (T-shirts, coffee, mangos), tours and companionship.

After having paid up our incidentals at the Marina/Hotel and taking one last swim in their pool, we cast off following Rolejio and headed for the "bar".  We were delighted to find Rob and Sue this side of the bar to send us on our way and totally surprised and to see Bill and Jean on the other side wishing us a safe journey.

Bill and Jean

The night started off quite nice but things picked up around 2:00 or 3:00 AM and rough took on a whole new meaning. Now, so far, we had judged calmness (or lack there of) as "Porter Rough" and Hanson Calm" but we have a new level.  That would be "Reuben and Adam Wild" and I don't care to take that ride again.  Befoer the day was over we saw sustained winds of 27 to 28 and gusts up to 31.  WOW!

Rob and Sue

This weather really slowed us down so we didn't arrive into Costa Rica's Marina Papagayo in Bahia Culebra (10d33'NX85d42') until well after dark.  The dock guard greeted us with a sad face as he had just sent Robert off because they could not reach us and didn't know if we were cooming in.  We are now Quarntned until we can clear customs and immigration tomorrow.  Hopefully we will snag Robert them too.

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