Saturday, April 3, 2010


This morning dawned with a well slept crew and a whirlwind of activity. So maybe our planning wasn't too great as everything shuts down after today (Wednesday) for the huge Semana Santa holiday here in Latin America. Dan Effaldano, the marina operations manager at lovely Marina Papagayo, was a great help with making arrangements with the Port Capitan in Coco Beach (next bay south) to release us from quarantine so we could move the Quest to his bay and come ashore in an attempt to complete our paperwork. We hurriedly fueled, cast off, moved to Coco Bay, anchored, dropped the dink, sped ashore and found the little office of the Port Capitan. He assessed our needs and literally threw us out the door and into a taxi with instructions to take us to the office of Customs out by the Liberia Airport. That done, our trusty tad xi raced back to Coco for the Immigration. Well, she wasn’t back from her lunch but did return shortly only to find the power off in her tiny office. This really put her out of sorts as she had no air and it was HOT. However, this also meant that she had to all paperwork by hand too. Done there, back to Port Captain!! Robert had checked there for us and told the PC that he would go to the nearby internet cafĂ© so we all finally met up. Now one more trip to Immigration and back to the PC and we were DONE. We are all in Costa Rica legally!!!

Dan had some routine maintenance to due on Quest so Robert, our new crew (Adam and Reuben) and I curried to the market for provisions for the next few days of travel. Avacados, mangos, clementines, cantaloupe, kiwi and even star fruit!!! We are ready to go. A panga ride to shore for a pizza dinner and I am ready to turn in. Night all!

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