Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4-20-2010 BOCAS MARINA

Dan and I attempted to take a walk this morning but found there was just no place to go from here. The water taxis are the key to getting everywhere here. We dumped some linens of at the marina’s laundry, chatted with some folks, paid our fuel bill and hailed a water taxi to Bocas Town. It really is different from any other place we have been so far. Dive shops abound and water tours are available from every corner. We hit every store that had a hardware section and secured a new water pump pressure switch and sand paper and varnish for the outside wood work. We pretty much walked the entire village and found the tiny airport, the local police station, lots of hostels, a few cute hotels, a used book store (books in English), scads of eateries and several good places to buy provisions tomorrow.



The guys began the tedious and dusty job of sanding the wooden hand-rails this evening. They worked until and neighboring sailor took pity and told them they must stop for cocktails. Being the good boys they are, they of course complied. They plan to start again early tomorrow before it gets too hot.

We had another nice dinner at the Calypso Cantina. Tonight’s special was delicious shrimp. It is a good place to mingle and get the skinny on what is going on.


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