Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tomorrow is the big day and we are all just too excited for words.  We didn't find out until late that we will be transiting and had resigned ourselves for another day of waiting.  Our agent,PeterStevens, came by around 9:00 PM and gave us the big OK!!  He has prepared a great book for us with all the information needed to make things go smoothly. 

We will take on the line handlers around 7:30 AM, then the advisor will board by 8:30 and we will begin transit about 10:30 with the Fantesia and Islamorada.  You can watch on Peter has made arrangements to have Jan and Debi picked up at Shelter Bay on the "other side" on Saturday morning and wisked off to the airport for their flights home.  We all will miss them!! 

Oh yes, once again we ran into Donna and Michael on the Cape James.  Glad you made it and the best of luck in your new endeavor.


  1. Sweet! I am going to try and watch at work, to hell with the customers, this is more importante!
    Have a blast guys, and take loads of pics!

  2. Great fun keeping up with the adventure. Hey Dan, don't forget you promised to take care of us "oldsters" when we get to the point we can't pour anymore. Take care.