Monday, April 5, 2010


Robert in tow, we all set off for Bahia Carillo and a possible meeting with Ed and Nance. Holy Mackerel!! All three boys caught a mackerel on our jaunt but it really slowed us down and we didn’t get into the bay until around 4:00. Missed Ed and Nance. Lo siento!

We all swam in the warm sea, the boys diving off the top and swimming to shore. I didn’t even have to brace myself to take the plunge, sooooo warm and delightful.

We should have taken warning when the two large luxury yachts that shared the anchorage hauled up their anchors and left after sunset. Not us!! Even though our anchor held tight, by 3:30 AM Dan and I had had enough of the constant surge and wind that had developed during the night. Quest was crying out for some relief. We pulled up anchor and off we went, across the Golfo de Nicoya to Bahia Herradura’s welcoming Marina Los Suenos. Yes Richard and Barbara, the same Los Suenos resort that you and your family so enjoyed last year (or was that the year before?). As we pulled into the bay, we spotted Cape James, the 125’, WWII, wooden mine sweeper that is being converted for a charter boat and repositioned to Panama. We had seen it in our last stop in Mexico. Donna and Mike invited us onboard for cocktails and a tour. What an undertaking they have taken on. Lots of work done already but much still to go. May we will see them again on our journey.
I decided it was time for a little hair trim (Where were you, Chuck, when I really needed you?) so ducked into the really nice salon there. OMG!!! It is short, short, short!! I am sure it will be OK by July or August!!

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