Monday, March 29, 2010


All kinds of activity here today in anticipation of the arrival of the three sailboats (Ahwanee, Dolce Vida and Joyeax) from Huatulco. Another boat, Shannon, arrived in the staging area last night too. Two of the hands from Shannon took the kayak and were playing in the surf while waiting for the correct conditions for the escort across the bar. They got caught in the surge and ended up in the bay, found their way to the marina and were not “getting” the fact that they were now illegally in El Salvador. Since Bill was busy with the preparations for the incoming boats, Claudia enlisted Dan’s help in explaining the situation to them and attempting to keep them out of “harm’s way”. One of the boys looks at Dan and says “Do you by any chance have a son named Steven?” Turns out that Reuben, from Landmark College, spent Thanksgiving with us at Janet and Charles’ about 5 years ago. SMALL, SMALL WORLD!! Their boat’s owner is returning to the states for 3 weeks or so and the boat will stay here until his return so Reuben and Adam will join us for the 30 (+ or -) hour trip to Costa Rica. They will then journey up through Nicaragua and back here to El Salvador for the rest of their sail.

Another item for the “Small World” anomaly. Nance and Ed will be arriving in Costa Rica’s San Jose Airport on Tuesday just 1 ½ hours after Robert. They will rent a car and are spending time on the Nicoya Peninsula and we all hope to join up at some point next week.

When it came time for the bar crossing, Dan and I took the dink out to just this side of the bar and watched the boats surf in then escorted them to their new home at the marina. It was certainly cool seeing all the action and hailing familiar faces. We celebrate their arrival by hosting a cocktail party on Quest. We served libations, pupusas, cheeses, veggies and pan to our 17 guest. The evening was great for us and “Thanks” to all our new friends for joining us.

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