Saturday, April 17, 2010

4/17/2010 COLON BY DAN

A sad day, we said goodbye to Jan and Debbie this morning as they are traveling back home today. Last night we were treated to a Caribbean thunder storm with one very close lightening strike. After saying goodbye to Jan and Debbie the rest of us hired a taxi for the day to go to Colon and do some sightseeing. Colon is not safe if you are alone or after dark. The downtown of Colon architecture reminded me of the French quarter of New Orleans. It was very sad to see all of these old beautiful buildings in such bad disrepair.

 We went to several stores to get supplies and a flag for Colombia and Grand Cayman. I went to a barber shop and got my hair cut. The barber used a straight razor for the shave and washed my hair all for $8.00. During our taxi ride we crossed over the canal on a one lane bridge that is part of the lock. This was a view of the lock we did not see from the boat.

 The construction has started on the new bigger locks. There is lots of very big equipment here moving mountains for the new locks.

 It is hard to believe that they need bigger locks. When you are in the locks you feel very small. The Marina has a pool next to the restaurant so you can guess how Judy and I finished our day.

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  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! What an adventure!! I would love to add to Reuben's brilliant summation of the events of our crossing, but he really did it justice.

    We had a very nice taxi ride to the airport -- we started to take the small road that Dan mentioned then the driver decided to take us over the canal by ferry instead. Please tell Peter thank you for us, he was a great driver --very talkative -- and we got quite a history lesson all the way to the airport. Both flights were smooth and uneventful.

    Dan and Judy, thank you again. It was truly an adventure we will never forget. We have decided on a gold and silver "Q" for our charm bracelets. We'll always remember our small part of your "Quest".

    Adam and Reuben, thank you for the laughter and good times. (Always remember, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.)

    I posted a couple of pictures on Facebook (wink, wink) and I'm already getting requests from my female friends as to how they go about signing up for this cruise. LOL

    Love you lots,

    Jan and Deb