Saturday, April 24, 2010


After Dan applied another coat of varnish to the wood hand rail, fetching our laundry and paying up our bill we waved adios to our new friends at Bocas Marina.  I am not “done” here and will return someday. I’ll be flying into the tiny airport, checking into one of the tropical resorts and exploring the beautiful waters.
We pulled out around 1:00 PM and knew immediately our all-nighter wouldn’t be smooth sailing.  We started our watch rotation with everyone kind of finding their nitch for the hours to come. 

Wham! Bam! Dan has a huge Dorado on line and brought the bloody thing in!!  “Reuben, get the gaff!”  Dan brought the monster to the side of the Quest and Reuben leaned out to gaff him.  “Holy shit!”  He went wild, breaking the gaff as he struggled to get loose.  Dan’s got the pole, Reuben’s trying to get him on board and Adam has the hammer to put him out of his misery.  He wasn’t giving up, no way.  Brain dead but still kicking, he flipped off the side.  Reuben still had him gaffed and they all managed to bring him back on, no easy task.  Feast tonight!!  We made sashimi and poke with our mix from Kauai. Thankfully we had already prepared Alexis’ Chinese Cabbage Salad because by dinner time it was way too rough to cook anything. 
The conditions deteriorated all night with waves, wind and lightening in the distance. UGH!

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