Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a quick update note.
I spent five nights with my generous and hospitable friends, the Porter's in Rupert,Vermont, one night with Robert and Steffi in Burlington,VT and am now at Richard and Charlene Hoffstadt's in Fountain Valley, CA. I am finally warm!!
Dan, Greg, Todd and the Quest made it from Newport, OR to San Francisco, arriving under the Golden Gate Bridge around midnight on Thursday night with a full moon to guide them. They got some sleep then refueled and restocked before heading towards Long Beach around 10:00 AM. I am expecting them on Sunday morning sometime. They have seen Spinner Dolphin and Sea Lions. They have sailed through rough seas with high winds and experienced calm waters. I am sure that Dan thinks he is in HEAVEN!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next stop: CA!

Here is our QUEST in Newport, OR. Dan, Greg and Todd are preparing to set sail again in a few hours. Next stop, San Francisco!! ( Weather permitting) Notice the new "Q" on the stack.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Changes

Yesterday we traveled from Kalama, WA to Astoria, OR - expecting to lay over for a few days and finish our preparations for the journey south. Again, Dan was masterful in his docking. He can squeeze the Quest into a berth, even next to another boat.
On Wed., as we were leaving Portland, we discovered that our NEW RADAR had stopped working. Calls were made to Englund Marine in Astoria (where we originally purchased the unit) and they got a new one on its way. After docking in Astoria, checking into the marina and moving Quest to another berth Dan and I removed the old radar and took it to Englund.We purchased some other needed things (800' 3/4" rope, pump and hoses) and got a ride back to the boat. After replacing the radar unit, Dan called Captain Greg to report our progress and Greg said "Let's go tonight!" Wow!!
Things really got hot then! Everything had to be really secured by either tying, taping, screwing or stowing. And I had no real plans!! I secured a hotel room near the dock, made arrangements for transportation to PDX and Robert got me on Jet Blue tonight from PDX to BTV. I will spend a few days tieing up loose ends.
Dan, Captain Greg and Todd (first mate) left the marina last night about 10:30 and passed through the bar from about 12:30 to 1:00 AM. Dan was great at keeping me posted. He just called (8:00 AM) and said all was good with Quest. They are about 16 miles offshore in 9-10' wind swept waves. Hope to make it to Newport, OR this afternoon where they will refuel, check the boat and head out again if all is good. I will keep you all posted on his progress. JQ

Thursday, January 21, 2010


OMG! This TUG is big! We just docked for fuel (all by our lonesome, not even dock attendant to help) and. Did gr8. Dan is ecstatic. Here for night. Think we my have shore power.

"We are yachting preeeeeee-fessionals"

Leaving PDX

We have been in downtown Portland since Sat. but are on our way towards the coast as of 10:30 this AM. We will go from the Willamet River to the Columbia River, then on towards Astoria. We may make a deviation somewhere for fuel..Think we will only go part way, maybe to Kalama, where we will spend the night.
When we started the engines up to leave, we found our new Radar showed an error and it appears it has a fault and must be replaced in Astoria. Always something! Anyway, it is not raining!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working working

On public transportation, no rain, worked lots today. Heard bagpipes this evening and found guy on river banks practicing. Cool.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Post... hopefully they'll get more detailed

Finally had our first day motoring alone. Did great! No damage, didn't kill anyone and are tied up at the Portland Public Pier for the night. Going off to dinner at one of the guys that worked on the boat, Jason and his two boys (4 and 6) are hosting us at their home. More later. JQ