Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Other than a couple of small cargo ships in the distance, today was a rather uneventful day until we were virtually charged by a Honduran Naval ship when we were about 140 miles off their coast. We saw him approaching from a distance and then he veered and headed right for us, stopping just off our Port. They came on the radio (Spanish, of course) and we understood “yacht”. By our third attempt to respond they had found an English speaking crew who questioned “who” we were, “why” we were there and “where” we had come from and were going to. Little spooky but they finally bade us safe travels and we were on our way. Looking back, perhaps it was our Colombian flags that we still had flying that tweaked their interest.

We are making good time and should arrive in the Caymans before noon tomorrow. We will all be ready for shore power and some dry land time. Our main concerns there will be checking on the up-coming weather for our journey around Cuba and into the good ole USA at Key West. There is a weather front that may hinder our progress but you all know the weather, ever changing!

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