Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Oh, what a colorful view from our Quest this morning! Dan, Adam and I flag down a “water taxi” and head for the village to look for an internet café while Reuben tries to make friends on a neighboring sailboat. Being Sunday, the one internet cafe was closed but we did find a PC to use in the lovely hotel where we had lunch. After enjoying a bottle of “lunch rose”, we headed to the beach for a dip in the refreshing waters. Adam and I bought Molas, the beautiful hand sewn fabric panels that the Kuna women create.



The small sandbar that connected Taboga and little El Morro was swamped with Sunday beach goers. People arrived by ferry from Panama City or one of the many sports crafts that lined the beach. We did our share of “people watching” before finding our way back to the dock in search of a water taxi to return us to the Quest. By this time, the water surge, waves and wind had really picked up and it became quite a fete just to get onto the taxi. OK, maybe it was a bit scary but we all made it on the taxi and back to the Quest safely. Dan and Reuben caught our fish for dinner. Yum!!

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