Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4/09/2010 FRIDAY MARLIN!!!!!!

Our guys always have 2 fishing poles in the water and are catching King Mackerel right and left. This time it was Reuben’s turn to bring in the catch and Adam was reeling in the empty pole. A cry from Adam---“MARLIN!” “Too funny Adam, Ha,Ha!” was our first response but one look at his face and we were no longer doubting him. Reuben did, indeed, have one angry Marlin on his line. And he couldn’t even see it because of the set of the boat. Dan quickly remedied that and we all watched in awe as the Marlin CHARGED the Quest. We are talking one pissed fish!! Boom, snap, the line was broken and the Marlin was still raging at us but now it was just a show. Quite the adrenalin rush for us all. I think Reuben’s heart is still beating fast.

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