Monday, April 26, 2010


Dan and I grabbed a cup of coffee and set out to find an ATM machine and internet access. We found both and my card did allow us to take out some Colombian Pesos. The Internet Café actually had WI-Fi and we returned later with my PC to catch up on email and post the blog.

After making several walking trips to town, we spotted this GIANT barracuda sculpture. Maybe if it had been bigger we would have seen it the first five times we passed it!! Isn’t this sooo Dan? Our only explanation for missing it was that it was on the inland side of the walk and we were always gazing to the sea?!!

Nene’s marina is tucked right behind the local Texaco station so fueling wasn’t a problem. They just drug an extremely long hose to the Quest and filled her up with diesel. Always glad to get that done. Dan also accomplished some Quest maintenance. Hot work!!

When we were able to check the internet weather we found that our weather window was limited. We will be able to leave here on Monday when we get our exit papers and make it to Providencia in 6 hours or so. We will spend the night there, clear out of Colombia on Tuesday and set for the Caymans. We should arrive there before the really ugly looking weather sets in but may be stuck there until at least May 2. The only shows a week ahead so we are hoping for the best.

We all headed to Miss Celia’s, which was recommended as a good local’s place, for dinner. The guys all had Conch and I had a yummy Crab dish. Good choice. As we wandered the boardwalk after dinner we were reminded of Puerto Vallarta on a Sunday night. Babies, toddlers, youths, teens, young adults and old geezers were all out there, milling about together and enjoying the camaraderie and the sea breeze.


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