Saturday, April 24, 2010




My morning shift began bright and early, 5:00 AM.  Things were still really rough but we only anticipated about 6 or 7 more hours until we reached our destination. Waves, wind and 2 hours later, shift change!
We gratefully pulled into the crystal waters around Isla San Andres (12d33N X 81d41’W) and discovered two things. One, we had a cute little “stowaway” and second, that these waters are really shallow and littered with many shipwrecked reminders.  Careful now!!  We contacted ship’s agent (a must here in Isla San Andres) and Rene from the Serrana Agency met us at Nene’s Marina where we berthed.  Rene brought the Customs official with him and came back a little later with Immigration who took all our passports to their office for stamping.  Rene said he would return them to us this evening around 6:30 but came back empty handed with promises that Immigration would have them to him in the morning.
                                             APPROACHING ISLA SAN ANDRES
The boys, once again, hopped to the job of cleaning the outside of Quest then were free to explore.  They found, as did we, tons of duty free type shops. As Adam said, “If anyone here doesn’t smell sweet it not for lack of available perfume”.  Dan’s ATM card is not allowing us to withdraw cash so we are lacking Colombian Pesos right now.  I will try my card tomorrow.

This island is populated with a gazillion motor scooters. Everyone drives them. Tourist, businesses people, merchants, police, old ladies and entire families use them as a mode of transportation. Modified golf carts are also available for rent.  We will probably give that a try while we are here.  A good way to see the island and visit the beautiful beaches.
Rene returned at the appointed hour but said he would not have our passports back from Immigration until tomorrow AM. 

                                                               NENE'S MARINA

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