Friday, April 30, 2010

4/29/2010 GRAND CAYMEN

Dan and I left the Quest with the boys sanding yet more wood. Life at home will seem like vacation to them!! We picked up a tiny little car and proceeded to visit every hardware, auto parts, marine and Home Depot style store to be found. Armed with tools and supplies needed for MORE WORK we returned (after quick stop at the Dairy Queen) to start our tasks. This was a fruitful, if slightly boring, (OK-major boring) day but we all felt the rewards of jobs well done at the end of the day. We did get to wander over and watch the fishermen weighing in for the second day. Someone came in with a whopping 79 lb. Tuna and the big Wahoo weighed in at 54 lbs. Big babies!! Stay tuned for more on this tomorrow.

We are now back in cell service and have touched base with family. My Blackberry is still out of commission but Dan called Verizon and it seems there is hope when we get to a Verizon shop in Florida. Patients, Judy!! One great piece of news, Robert will hopefully be joining us here for the trip to Key West. He is frantically manipulating schedules and tickets to make this work. Go Robert!

My dear friend, Cheryl, had unexpected surgery tonight at Dartmouth but Dick has reported that all went well. Cheryl, you are in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

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