Saturday, March 6, 2010


We had planned to go out with the kids today and anchor for the night but I think they are just having too much fun at the resort. Can't blame them! We decided to go for the day tomorow instead and dedicate today to doing our "check out" with the Harbor Master for our early departure planned for Monday morning.
Dan was doing a quick check of the boat and found a leak in the hoses that connect the steering wheel to the hydraulic system. We had to remove them and take them to a little shop in Las Juntas where they put together the correct fitting and hoses. Back to Quest, installation and bleeding of the system and all is good. Bummer that we are having to do all of these little things but so thankful we are finding the problems here where everything is available.
We did have dinner with the kids at our little "street taco" stand and then collapsed for the night. No Cribbage tonight.

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