Monday, March 1, 2010

SAT; 2/27/10 KIDS HERE

Early morning calls today. Steven called as he, Jeremy and Leticia boarded at Bradley Airport in Hartford, Connecticut for their 6:30 AM flight to EWR then on to join us here in PVR. By the time they had reached EWR we were receiving calls from Erin in Hawaii, warning us about the awful earthquake in Chile and the tsunami warnings for both Mexico and Hawaii. We stayed on alert most of the day but the marina only experienced a small surge where the channel comes in from the bay. We were thankful not to have anymore than that. Our thoughts are with those in Chile.
Dan and I spent the morning locating, purchasing and toting back oil for our Detroit engines. We are now ready to do an oil change in the next couple of days.
The kids arrived here at the marina by 3:00 and we all went for a late lunch/early dinner here at the Marina and watched some of the Olympics. We had a house full with the Porters in the guest suite, Jeremy and Leticia in the "V" bunks and Steven on the couch in the salon.

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