Saturday, March 6, 2010

3/6/10 Las Animas, yet again

A real day off again!! We took of from Marina Vallarta around 10:30 and headed for lovely Las Animas under dreary skies. We were all ready for a respite from the intense sun and enjoyed the protection of the cloud cover. This time we did not anchor but moored in front of the Las Animas Beach Club and rode the water taxi to shore. Any of you that might find yourself on this delightful little beach, be sure to go to their facilities to the far right of the pier where they have white umbrellas and padded lounges. The staff is more than accommodating, the drinks great and the food tasty. They are making lots of changes (expanding the kitchen for one) ad may have a new name soon but I am sure the service will remain the same. Try it.

We were delighted to receive a call from Dick and Cheryl Hanson requesting "Permission to come aboard" here in PVR and to assist us in our journey to Acapulco. I had just emailed them this morning requesting their presence but, since they are vacationing in Saint Marten, had little hope that they would join us now. Thanks!!

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