Monday, March 1, 2010


This is the Porters last day and we all opted to head back to the beautiful beach at Las Animas. The stand-up paddle board was, once again, put to use and even a couple of guys on the beach asked to give it a try. The afternoon crossing back across the bay got quite rough and Leticia was really glad to get back to the marina!! After docking, the guys ran to the closest little cantina and watched the end of the Canada/US "race for the gold" ice hockey game. Too bad the ending didn't favor the US.

Dan and I took the Porters to Villa del Par Mar (our time share week begins today) where they will spend this, their final night. We all went to Brazil Steak House before we bid the Porters adios and a huge gracias for all their contributions to our trip so far. They now art Platinum for "frequent cruising" miles. We will miss you!!!!!!!

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  1. To Captain Queeg and the Frisky Mrs Queeg....
    How great that you are doing this....a magnificent legacy for the children and grandchildren. Kate and I cannot wait to join you on the 15 of May. Hope you get to Mazatlan
    (a city founded by three cultures) get a taxi driver to take you to a restaurant where the tourists don't go. A beautiful and mysterious city. Gotta love a country where the motto is "NO PROBLEM" (unless you are seeking to out the Medelin Cartel). Seems that every one is cranky in VT - overcome with the long haul of winter and eager to soak up some sunshine. More of same at the Paramount with Natalie McMaster, final "Passages" concert (Jose Franch-Ballester) and the resumption of the movies on March 20. Next list is LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, CASABLANCA, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, HIGH NOON, AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, ON THE WATERFRONT, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, WEST SIDE STORY, THE PHILADELPHIA STORY and the 50th Anniversary of PSYCHO (also to be offered to the Friday night live crowd. PSYCHO starts the summer series which will be called "1965-1975 The Dacade that changed The Cinema: and will go off on Thursday nights (four will also play Friday after Friday Night Live) they are: THE GRADUATE, BONNIE AND CLYDE, 2001: A SPACE ODESSEY, EASY RIDER (FNL) MIDNIGHT COWBOY (FNL) MASH, CLOCKWORK ORANGE, THE GODFATHER (I AND II) CHINATOWN, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKO0'S NEST and that cute little summer family pic, TAXI DRIVER. Should all be great fun. The film have posted a 19,000 net after all bills paid. If we didn't have it we would be on the street with tin cups. Fling yourselves in the ocean for us. Bruce