Saturday, March 27, 2010


Friday morning we awoke to calmer waters and much anticipation for the bar crossing into Bahia Jaltepeque (13d15.9N X 88d53W) and our arrival at Marina Bahia del Sol.  We made our call on VHF 16 requesting pilot assistance over the bar and into the marina and were greeted by Bill and Jean on the Mita Kuuluu sailboat.  They became our "go between" and notified the marina of our needs.  Our pilot, Rojelio, arrived on a Jet Ski around 10:30 and patiently led us over the bar.  We surfed right in with NO problems. This arrival was like no other!!  We were met at the dock by Claudia form the marina office, the immigration officer, the customs officer and neighboring Bill and Jean.  Welcome to El Salvador!!!  How nice to be able to take care of all business right on your baot instead of trapsing all over from one office to another and then back. 

Bill and Jean are the organizers of the first Cruisers Rally to El Salvadors under the request of and with the cooperation of the El Salvadorean government.  They have been here for 3 weeks and expect to be here until November and greet the sailboats as they arrive.  They gave us some great directions for finding local  pupusas foe dinner.  They are kind of like stuffed tortillas. YUM!  We have made plans to dingy to a Saturday morning market in San Luis La Herradura tomorrow morning.

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