Monday, March 22, 2010


Sunday was a day of rest and relaxation for both the crew and for Quest. Enjoyed the beach and the village night life. We did receive a great photo of granddaughter, Talia, after placing in her surf contest. She was so excited and told us about all of her prizes. Notice her trophy, "T" shirt and purple watch. Way to go, Talia!!

This morning we thoroughly cleaning the Quest - inside and out. That done, we, once again, had to do our customs and immigration check out with the Port Captain. Since we didn't leave on Saturday our Zerpa (exit paper) was expired. There were many boater with the same itinerary due to the anticipated favorable weather window so this took up a couple of hours. We chatted with all the others and it looks like everyone will be departing either Tuesday or Wednesday. We will be finishing up laundry and making a last minute trip to the market after immigration and customs visit our Quest again late this afternoon. If everything goes as planned, we will leave tomorrow and not stop until we arrive in El Salvador's Bahia Del Sol. We will probably have no means of communication until we connect with email there and cell service may be over for a while.
Jason, good luck with your new business venture!!

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  1. Here we go again!! :-) They have all won at this contest!! Such a fun kids contest!