Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3/2/10 Tuesday Maintenance

This was a long day of maintenance, again. Dan started out to do a simple job of changing fuel filters but it turned into an entire day of air filter removal, replacement of super charger screens and trips to 3 different auto parts stores to find the necessary gaskets and rebuild parts. It was a good thing that we found we had worn out parts here in PVR so we could find the replacements in the "boat rich" area. We also discovered that the engine room air inlets had been sealed in Portland as part of the winterizing of the boat. Now with the engine room air inlets opened, filters cleaned and new screens on the super chargers the Quest should be able to "breathe" a lot easier in the warm weather to come.

Polishing and waxing continued on the Quest and it should be done tomorrow. Looking good!!

After this intense day of work, we headed to Villa del Pal Mar for happy hour and sunset. We caught up with Jerry, our beach vendor amigo of many years, and made arrangements for him and his wife to join us on Sunday evening on the Quest for a sunset cruise.

PS: I almost skunked Dan in Cribbage. What a thrill.

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