Sunday, March 14, 2010


After a couple hours of "boat cleaning", we grabbed a taxi and headed to "Z Town" for late breakfast and exploring. Everything on the ride over was so clean and green and really quite beautiful. Unfortunately, we all forgot cameras. Just as we came into "Z Town" we saw a huge, old circus tent set up and ready for an evening performance. Quite the sight.

The shore area where we had breakfast was neat and tidy and offered a great view of the "Z" Bay. After breakfast we walked down the municipal pier and watched the hordes of local families purchasing water taxi tickets and jostling for seats in the numerous "taxis" that take them across the bay to the lovely beaches. It was a riot of activity!

We were on a quest for a fish fillet knife, plastic chopping board, lemon juicer, produce and hair clip today so headed into the shops in the old town area. Cheryl and I got slightly distracted and each bought lovely glass bead bracelets but were soon back on track. We found the produce in a small open market where we had to move to make room for the 2 pigs (head and all) that were being brought into the meat stall. We also found a "not so great" knife for filleting the fish Dan will be catching but no tray for him to use. We will keep on looking.

Mackerel chaviche (sp?) from yesterdays catch was our afternoon snack. Wow, was that good! Dick and Cheryl treated us to a great dinner at the Italian restaurant right here in the marina and, once again, we called it a night.

Tomorrow we will be starting the journey to Acapulco, spending one night at anchor in Papanoa and arriving there Monday evening.

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