Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dan captured a beautiful sunrise after our second "all-night" and our frequent companions, the dolphin, were out to greet us by 7:30. Sea turtles were all around us today and several times we even saw a birds resting on a floating turtle's back. Free ride!!

We had quite a successful (or not) "non" fishing day today. Dan spotted a sailfish who displayed his beautiful sail for us. Breathtaking! I got the first catch of the day when I snagged a floating fishing line while at the helm about 40 miles out from the Guatemalan coast.Some poor fisherman is surely unhappy with me right now as we were unsuccessful at releasing the line from the prop and had to cut the lead. Sorry! Dan unsuspectingly caught a fishing net when we anchored off the entrance to Bajia Jaltepeque well after dark. This time the fisherman was right there and we managed to calm him with "mucho dinero" ($$$). We spent a rough night at anchor and are ready for a good night's sleep at the dock tomorrow.

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