Monday, March 15, 2010


PERFECT is the only word to describe our spectacular 9 day journey on the Quest - heading south along the pristine Mexican coast - miles and miles of untouched beaches with lovely mountains behind. Every day"s weather has been sunny and gorgeous. The sea has been calm and lovely (except one day when we were safely anchored in a marina). Dolphins seem to jump for joy as we cruise along and then leap in our wake to surf. I (Cheryl) just spotted my first whale as we come into Acapulco- usually it's Dan who sees everything from miles away. Sea turtles and jumping manta rays have entertained us along the way.

Last night we anchored at a cove (Papanoa) and took the dinghy to shore for the best local food - by far our most tasty meal off the Quest, including fish soup with oysters, shrimp, a lobster tail, a red snapper head and melt-in-your-mouth octopus. What a treat to enjoy a delicious meal among local families swimming and eating on a Sunday afternoon. Dan showed us his paddle board skills - looked so inviting that Dick decided to give it a try - very successfully. We were lulled to sleep by lapping waves and wakened during the night by birds fishing in the phosphorescent waters just outside our windows.

Today a leisurely trip over glass-smooth waters to Acapulco, final destination for this part-time crew. What a privilege to participate in this incredible Quest.


  1. I can just imagine the wonderful sights, sounds and delicious tastes you all are experiencing. The beauty of the ocean and the activity on land must be quite a combination!

    Lots of love,
    Jennifer and Ali

  2. Sounds ideal. What wonderful sights you have enjoyed. Looking forward to joining in the ride. Barbara and Richard

  3. The PV-Alcapolco leg of the voyage sounds so wonderful. Wish we could have continued to share the fun,food,friends and fish.
    I don't have words to describe how happy I am that the Quest adventure is even more than dreamed. Love you all, see your somewhere, sometime, soon.