Friday, July 9, 2010

7/8/2010 NEWPORT, RI


First things first today. Dan and Steven drove to Point Judith to purchase a new oil pump for the transmission on the starboard engine only to find that it had just been sold. Back over the Jamestown and Newport bridges and back to the boat. Second choice was to rebuild the pump so Dan removed it and trekked on back to Rhode Island Diesel Engine and Transmission Repairs who "almost" had all the necessary parts. A fellow boater offered up several suggestions and Dan got on the phone seeking either a pump or parts. One call lead to another and he finally ended up with Fair Haven Shipyard North. They were able to order one out of the Detroit factory for overnight shipment. Hopefully it arrives tomorrow. We will move on to the shipyard (located just out of New Bedford) tomorrow with high hopes.


Richard and Barbara arrived back on the Quest for a few hours. We convinced them to drive Steven’s car back to Poughkeepsie instead of taking the train. They will leave the Saab there and pick up their car at Barbara’s mom’s house. Steven will travel with us to Poughkeepsie and snag his car for the journey back to VT. This all works in theory; let’s see how it really plays out!

Thanks Dick and Cheryl Hanson for the styling Quest business cards and note pads. How thoughtful and cleaver of you. We love them!!

Heads up: For those of you that care, I now have my Full Cleveland attire so you better be searching the thrift stores for the perfect thing.

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