Saturday, February 6, 2010

Long Beach 2/5

We had a great Friday!! Scott and Teresa Cuckovich drove in from Lake Havasu, Jay and Cheryl Coleman came from Arcadia and Mike drove in from Las Vegas. We talked up a storm, dined at the 555 Club in Long Beach and then said "good night" to all but Mike, who spent the night before heading back to Vegas around 8:00 AM. Great fun! Thanks to you all for making the long drive in the pouring rain.

We are still working hard at getting the boat ready for our travels. Friday we found a table and chairs for the salon. Saturday we finally obtained the necessary foreign nation flags that we will need at great store Nikki's Flag Shop, on Old Newport Blvd. Thanks for all your help! We also hauled out the ancient microwave/convection oven (which sounded like a bear in pain when we used it) and replaced it with a new one that Dan installed it this evening. (Yes, I am working him ragged.) On the fun side, he bought a demo, stand up paddle board from a shop in Seal Beach and should get the "monster" tomorrow. Of course he called Dwayne for advice and approval before agreeing to the purchase. Now he just needs some warm water to try it.

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