Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/16/2010 Cedros Island to Tutrtle Bay

Glorious morning!! We awoke to the rising sun, frolicking sea lions, shimmering jelly fish and mounds of bird dung all over the front deck. Thanks guys!! After cleaning off the deck and enjoying a breakfast of freshly made juices (yes, Char, we are using the juicer each day), we pulled up anchor and set for Turtle Bay. We had our first "whale sighting" shortly after 9:00 AM and continued to enjoy their company most of the day. How breath taking!! This is the first day that we have traveled with the salon doors opened and we are enjoyin the warmer weather.
We pulled into Turtle Bay around 2:00 and were charged by the "fuel salesman" in their panga boats. We chose to pull up to the floating platforam by the ancient dock and began pumping in 305 gallons of diesel. Thank you Porters!!! After fueling, we motored to our chosen anchorage spot (27deg41'NX114deg53'21W), droppen anchor, lowered the dingy and went ashore. Now the Mexican Boating Guide labels this little village as "coyote ugly" but the people were helpful and the lunch mighty tasty. We found a tiny pharmacia/internet cafe and blindly maneuvered our way into sending a quick email to family and friends to let them know we were still "OK". Our next stops down the dusty dirt streets were at 2 little mercados for fresh tortillas, fruits, veggies and Bimbo Bread. We only encountered friendly and helpful folks and found the poor but enchanting village a welcome stop.

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  1. Is Dad wearing a Red Dirt hat? 305 gallons is a LOT of fuel...wowzerz!