Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/18/2010 Abreojos to San Juanico

We awoke this morning to the sounds of the hurried departure of the beached pangas. All the guys were off to collect their lobster traps and bring back the goodies. We spent a couple of hours servicing the batteries and fuel filters. Since the filters were not overly, it appeares that we got good, clean diesel in Turtle Bay. Good news for us.

After our morning of work we took the dongy to shore to explore the town, find a late breakfast and get information about naturalist tours of the nearby whale sanctuary. After dropping Craig off at the beach, Dan returned for Alexis and me. As he was restarting the engine, he broke the starter rope and repairs had to made before we could join the patiently (maybe not) waiting Craig. Watching the pangas come ashore was so cool. There was a guy on a Ford tractor that lifted the front of the panga, two guys would then run an axel with two tires under the boat (Mexican boat trailer) and then the tractor would haul the panga up onto the beach to rest. He even hoisted our little Quest Too onto the sandy beach.

We found a tiny little restaurant where we all had machaca and egg, accompanied with fresh orange juice. How fresh was it, you ask? They had to run to the local mercado to purchase the oranges before they could make it. Needless to say, it was yummy! We found the local fish market and packing house where we bought fresh lobster for tonight's dinner. Not a single person knew anything about the whale watching so we bagged that and headed back to the dingy.
One of the facinating sights here was that of the many sea eagles and their huge nests that were perched on every available high point. Look at his beautiful, watchful eyes.

The dingy ride back to the Quest was a litter "wetter" than we expected and riding back through the breaking waves was definately an "E" ticket ride (for all you OLD Disneyland folks). We were drenched and laughing. Dan got his new, giant stand-up paddle board out and gave it a spin in the bay before be we loaded everything and pulled up anchor around 1:00 PM. We set out for San Juanico, about 66 miles south and just of of Punta Paquena.

We had our first sunset at sea and it was, of course, stunning. It was also our first time to travel after dark (except for Dan). We have seen almost no boats at sea but this evening we were bobbing and weaving through many commercial fishing boats. About 8:00 PM we anchored (26deg15'01"N X 112deg28'03"W) in the welcoming San Juanico Bay, fired up the new BBQ and cooked the lobster tails. A feast!!


  1. Great Photos! I especially liked the one of the eagle. Beautiful!

  2. Cool SUP board!! Looking Good!! Keep it up! How's the water down there? Have you gotten Mom on the board too? It looks huge! Looks like if we ever make it to the Quest we will have a familiar toy to play on!