Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/15/2010 San Carlos to Cedros Island

We pulled up anchor and set out for Cedros island by 7:00 AM. Since we were crossing Bahia Vizcaino, there was a lot of time when we couldn't see land but it was a great day for sunning and enjoying the warm temperatures. During the 78 mile trip that brought us to our Cedros anchorage Dan taught us how to play Cribbage. Thanks Jackie and Ed for the supply of great games.

By 4:00 PM we had arrived at Cedros and found the"close" anchorage was extremely narrow. We set the anchor (29deg37'12"X115deg28'27") and the guys tried their hand at fishing (We had chicken and not fish for dinner.) Our evening cocktails were accompanied by the songs and antics of the Sea Lions that populated the narrow beaches around us. What entertainers!!

Around 10:00 PM, when the wind shifted, we decided to re-anchor in deeper water. It was rather scary in the total darkness. Thanks Greg for the spotlight. It was put to good use. Our new anchorage held tighght all night but Dan spent most of the night up in the salon to be close to the gages and controls in case a quick move was necessary. Think we kind of scared Alexis but she and Craig are real troopers and have really gotten into all of the boating activities. We appreciate their assistance and company.

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