Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/17/2010 Turtla Bay to Puenta Abreojos

This was an early morning, pulling up anchor and setting our from Turtla Bay by 6:00 AM. Whales!! Whales!! Whales!!! We must have seen a gazillion whales today. At one time we couldn't keep up with counting all their spoutings. The dolphin are now frequent and welcome companions. We never tire of their company.

As we neared Punta Abreojos everyone had to help spot the many lobster trap bouys. We managed to avoid them and pulled into Punta Abreojos' lovely, wide bay around 4:30. We anchored at 26deg42'33"N X113deg34'06"N. The sandy beach was lined with dozens of pangas, home from their day of hauling in lobster traps.

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