Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/9/10 Dana Point to San Diego

The five of us cast off from Dana Point after a quick breakfast at the Proud Mary. All went smoothly, just like we knew what we were doing!! The skies clouded up and the waters got increasingly rougher as the day progressed. The sights we were blessed with made it all worth it though. We had dolphin skimming just beneath the surface at the bow of the boat for ages. It was breath taking to watch them. Robert got some great shots for you all. Dan stepped thing up a bit for the last hour in an attempt to out run the approaching rain but it caught up to us just as we reached the marina. Robert and I were like drowned rats.

Our weather was nothing compared to the East Coast. Steffi flew from Burlington to JFK then onto Washington where she is now stuck and unable to travel on to Germany for a day or two. Robert's 9:00 PM flight from Long Beach to JFK to BTV was cancelled too.

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