Friday, February 26, 2010

2/25/2010 Puerta Vallarta

Craig and Dan spent the morning washing the salt and sea remnants from our Quest then we set out, once again, for the Harbor Mater's office and got checked in. We next introduced the Porters to the Mexican local bus system and headed for breakfast at Freddy's El Toucan in Old Town. Great breakfasts and the best fresh OJ ever. Walked around for a bit and went by the "famous" PV church before heading back to the Marina.
Dan and I found a big marine supply store and got some needed supplies and replaced the fan in the kitchen. Nice!! We also got the shaft zincs changed by a diver today. Have been trying to get that done since we were in Long Beach.
Had one mishap this afternoon. The freezer kind of went on the blitz. When I went for ice, I found the tray a solid mass of ice and everything defrosted. I spent a couple of hours cooking up some of the thawed meats. I think the door was kind of "sprung" during travel. Hope it is working correctly now.
We had a lovely dinner on the "new" table in the salon. First time we set that up and it worked nicely. Set out to find flan for dessert here in the marina but really had no luck. Imagine that, no flan here in the many reataurants of the Mexican marina!!


  1. Hope you find your that stuff!

  2. HA! Freddy's does have the best breakfasts.