Friday, February 12, 2010

2/11/2010 San Diego and 2/12/2010 Ensenada

This morning brought Robert's departure from San Diego, the Porter's arrival from Montreal and Steffi finally made it out of DC, headed to Germany to visit her family. YEA!!

With the addition of the Porter's rental car we were able to finish up all our last minute errands. We celebrated their arrival with dinner at Ruth's Chris. That is always a treat.

Thursday morning cast off about 7:00 AM and headed south. What a beautiful day! We arrived at Marina Coral in Ensenada around 1:30 PM, docked, checked in at the Marina office and headed for the Centro Integral de Servicios to check into our first Mexican Port of Entry. The people at Marina Coral were a great help and made sure that we had all the necessary documentation to help our clearing. We were also fortunate to have "Carlos Santana" (yes, that really is his name) as our fabulous taxi driver. He took us to the CIS, waited the hour it took us to clear, gave us a quick tour of the city, escorted us to a mercado and found us a great little "taco" joint. Thanks to all of you that helped welcome us into Mexico.


  1. Post some more photos! With love your daughter :-)

  2. I bet you didn't know "Pamela Anderson" works banquets here at the Grand Hyatt Kauai too, huh? Funny thing names...and she is actually older than the 'famous' Pamela Anderson...(did you know or do you care?)