Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/13/2010 Ensenada to Cabo Colonet

This morning we were at the gas dock in Ensenada by 8:15 AM and cast off around 9:00. It was a beautiful day on the sea with whales, dolphin and Dan even saw a sea turtle swimming by. After traveling about 65 miles, we arrived at Cabo Colonet (30deg57.64'X116deg17.63W) around 4:40 PM. We anchored for the first time and toasted sunset at 5:25 PM. Since we had no shore power and relied only on 12 volt, we were all in bed early. We did delay long enough to view the spectacular display of stars in the night sky. Wow!!

The night ended up being a long one for Dan and me. Having anchored for the first time, I was nervous about drifting into the looming cliffs. Dan checked the status around 10:00 PM and drifted back asleep only to be roused by the Garmi anchor drift alarm around 1:15 AM. He scurried to the helm and monitored the situation from there for the rest of the night. You shold have seen him attemting to sleep on the helm bench with the captain's chair at the end for his feet. Even though we did some drifting, we made it through the night safe.

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  1. better tired and dry than wet & homeless :-)... soon he'll have it down to a science!