Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After a thorough evaluation of all possible glitches that could have added to or resulted from the resolved electrical problem, we felt confident that we were ready to start the journey across the channel to our home land. Since we didn’t want to arrive in Key West during the night, we planned another all-nighter that would bring to the entrance buoys at daylight. After notifying the authorities of our planned afternoon departure we set out to photograph more of the antiquated autos and an old fishing area near the marina.

Now it was time to start the exit process. Back to the Customs Dock for yet more inspections and paperwork by Customs, Harbor Master, Immigration and our drug-sniffing Cocker. We left the harbor by 5:30 PM to find the seas not quite as calm as they were for our previous attempt. The passage was rough but quick with the Gulf Stream pushing us from behind.

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