Saturday, May 29, 2010


After visiting Rocks on the Roof (yes that would make the third time) for a great burger lunch and our last look at the river traffic from their high vantage point, we headed back to Quest for an afternoon castoff. We were coveting an escort from this beefy tug but he had “bigger fish to fry” and went on about his work without us. Again, this ultra-swift current causes havoc when trying to approach or leave the dock but Dan masterfully got us safely on our way.

Sunning, reading, gawking at the beautiful homes and snoozing filled our afternoon before being welcomed into Beaufort, NC where we docked for the night. Cute little town conveniently built right there on the ICW. We were able to walk to dinner and window shop after. Boy, do we save lots of money shopping after closing time!!

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