Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5/6/2010 CUBA

Can you believe it?? Here we are in Cuba!!!

This morning we had another “official” visit from the government. An adorable Cocker Spaniel was brought on to sniff for drugs. That one was quick and simple. Then the work began.



After a good night’s sleep for the crew and many cooling hours for the engine room, Dan and Robert began the task of finding and solving the problem while Adam and Reuben got stuck with the outside clean up (again). There was much trial and error involved during this process. OK, maybe a little swearing too. First they replaced some burnt and loose belts but this did nothing to solve the problem. Next they spent ages tracing wires and fuses in the system before they discovered a faulty switch that inhibited the alternator from charging. Dan jumped the switch to get the system functioning then he was actually able to repair it. Nice job!! Dan spent quite a bit more time just reaffirming that this was the only problem and we got the batteries all charged up and ready for journey across the channel to our USA.

We spent some time walking around the Hemingway Marina and nearby areas enjoying the numerous vintage autos that seemed to be everywhere. Dan and I also ducked into the Hemingway Yacht Club. Cool!!



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