Monday, September 13, 2010




What and awful, bouncy, squeaky night. By 3:30 Dan was up trying to quiet things down by lassoing the post to our starboard and pulling us away from the dock. It did help quite a bit and we slept late in the morning.
It is a brilliant morning, thank goodness! Fishermen are rushing out to catch their limit under sunny, dry conditions. Good luck!

When Dan saw a fellow boater on the dock and asked where he might find a hardware store, the guy said “Too far to walk so come on, I’ll drive you“. Just another act of kindness from a complete stranger. Makes you feel good and look for ways to pay it forward. . After a day of sailing, they came by for cocktails on the Quest and we enjoyed their company and stories of immigrating from Poland to the US in 1990. Since they live near Chicago, they were full of useful information on the areas that we will be approaching. Thanks!


We walked into St. Joseph to the UPS Drop Box and I got my old Kindle shipped back to Amazon. Glad that is all done. Now for the good part, just reading all the books in my Kindle library.


St. Joseph has 34 painted pooches displayed all over town. Their “Hot Diggity Dogs” promotion started Memorial Day and the bedazzled canines will be lurking about until October 1. After that, they will go to those lucky auction winners.

From 1891 to 1971, the Silver Beach Amusement Park entertained the summer lake crowd with rides, music, games of chance and the opportunity to take a dip in lake. The Silver Beach Carousel Society has worked long and hard to bring a new, hand-carved and hand-painted carousel to St. Joseph with six jeweled-white horses just like those on the original carousel that began enthralling children and adults in 1910. It opened in January of 2010 and now circles to the music of the Silver Beach Band Organ and enchants all who partake of its magic.

2227 Silver Beach Carousel Figure University o...Image by bsabarnowl via Flickr



We strolled on the soft, white sandy beach and watched sunbathers, a few bold swimmers and many sailors. What a difference a day can make! All of a sudden, this Lake Michigan is a great place to be.


As of today, we have been traveling on the boat for 8 months, traveled a total of 9,474 NM and averaged 7.3 NMPH. Our journey has taken from Portland, OR down the CA coast, Baja California, mainland Mexico, into El Salvador and Costa Rica. We transited the Panama Canal, visited Columbia’s San Andres, swam in the Cayman waters and were way-laid in Cuba before making it back to our US shore in Key West. We followed the Intercostals Waterway up Florida, Georgia, both South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. We marveled at the NY skyline and made a side trip out to Connecticut, Rode Island and Massachusetts before returning to New York Harbor and taking the Hudson River north. We took the Champlain Canal to Lake Champlain then entered Canada’s Richelieu River and made use of their many canal systems, beginning with the Chambly. The St. Lawrence River and Seaway led to Lake Ontario where we entered the Trent-Severn Waterway and its 44 locks. Exiting the Trent-Severn, we entered Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay and followed the North Channel back to the Drummond Island where we checked bank into the US. The Straits of Mackinac led us into Lake Michigan where we have slowly been heading south. We have visited 8 foreign countries, maneuvered 81 locks and crossed 2 oceans,  sea, 1 gulf and 3 Great Lakes. What next? Keep watching.
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