Wednesday, December 19, 2012



4:40 came awfully early this morning!  Despite all the unexpected glitches we encountered the engines were on and the anchors coming up by 5:00 AM.  Now Quest woke up to dead house batteries.  Strange as we ran all yesterday, were in by 8:30 and virtually used no power.  Guess that will be a much explored subject.  Dan started the generator and got that “all important” pot of Java going then cranked over both engines and pulled up the anchor with ease.  Not so easy for Algonquin that was anchored just a few yards from Quest.  Their anchor was thoroughly embedded in some rather sticky mud and refused to give up its treasure until Garth finally convinced it to give over.  A little dirty but with smiles on their faces Garth and Kathy finally escaped the anchorage.  Within a few minutes their engine’s cooling water temperature alarm began to shriek out a warning.  Not to be put off, Garth checked everything out and found all in order with the temperature right where it should be.  ----------- then Quest’s alarm began to chirp off and on.  I just think these old Hatteras boats don’t like to spend too much time at the dock and were complaining a bit about their prolonged attachment.


Our two previous trips to Bimini began farther south in Miami’s Biscayne Bay.  Today’s longer journey is all new to us as we enjoy the fluffy clouds blue skies and eagerly anticipate arriving in that crystal clear waters of Bimini.

There was no question about when we entered the Gulf Stream this morning.  Wham!! The slightly rocky ride suddenly demanded all our attention and respect.  Zeke, the Portuguese Water Dog on Algonquin, was not a happy camper and ever so grateful to get his paws on stable ground.  As we neared the end of our 86 NM journey we began to see flying fish skipping over the water while evading pursuing predators.  These odd fish sport an unusually large pectoral fin that acts as a wing when they leap out of the water.  Kind of a useful trick when trying to avoid being a larger fish’s dinner.

Once again, Dan expertly (and slowly) entered the tricky channel that takes us to Bimini’s Alice Town and pulled into the welcoming and well-worn Blue Water Marina.  They must have heard we were coming because their was a raucous revival nearby and they were surely trying to save our souls with much fervor. 

After securing the vessels the guys went off to check us into the country while Kathy and I did the marina’s paperwork.  Customs granted Quest and Algonquin a 6 month stay but Immigration was closed by the time they got there.  Not to worry, tomorrow morning is just fine they were assured.  As they say here in the Bahamas, “It’s all good”.

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