Wednesday, December 19, 2012

GET READY, GET SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12/15 & 12/16)

12/15/2012 AND 12/16/2012 

TRAVELED 36 NM ON 12/16/2012

Saturday went by in a blur with all those last minute things to be done like making sure all laundry was done (we will be paying for water by the gallon in the Bahamas), paying our final dockage fee, purchasing fresh produce and dairy products, visiting the local Verizon Store to have my failing broadband card checked out (dead battery-imagine that), retrieving Dan from the West Palm Beach Airport and returning our Enterprise rental car.  Thanks Marty for the ride back to the marina!

Sunday morning found Quest and Algonquin finally severing their tenacious grasp to the Sunset Bay Marina docks and beginning our day’s journey south to anchor in Lake Worth.

Once we made it through our day’s first bridge opening (the Old Roosevelt Bridge) right there at Stuart we deviated to Manatee Pocket to fuel up our tanks at the much more reasonable U.S. prices then continued south in the ICW.   We either passed under or requested an opening of 11 bridges today.  Yes  folks, this here Florida is a busy place.  Bless those bridge tenders!!!  Most are pleasant and patient with us wacky and demanding boaters.  Somehow they seem to keep everyone on track and traffic flowing.
By 3:30 we had reached Lake Worth and dropped anchor for the night.  Both the homes lining the lake and the boats in the marinas are stunning specimens.  OK, so perhaps there was a little drooling going on.  On a previous visit to this anchorage we spied Tiger Woods yacht, Privacy, for sale and even saw Jack Nicklaus reigning over a dinner party on his yacht, Sea Bear. 

Kathy thought ahead and prepared pasta ahead of time.  We gratefully gobbled it up, washed it down with a couple bottles of red and made our final plans for the pre-dawn departure for Bimini tomorrow.  We are all ready and keyed up for the adventure.

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