Tuesday, October 30, 2012


RETURNING TO THE QUEST                          

Our Quest spent all summer “on the hard” at the Anchors Away Boatyard in Hempstead, NC. She had little scratches and mars repaired (OK, so some weren’t so little) then got a thorough wash and spiffy wax job.  The “V” Berth window that blew out last spring in the Chesapeake was finally replaced and both the back windows in our stateroom were also replaced.  The Garmin weather and GPS locator are now working after the replacement of a faulty wire.  Finally, the con-Quest is also
sporting a new coat of bottom paint. 
We are looking good and ready to go!!!

WEDNESDAY 10/24/2012

After being thoroughly secured in the gigantic hoist’s slings, Quest was carefully transported to the water and slowly lowered.  For safety, they left the slings loosely surrounding her and we spent the night right at their dock.  How nice to be back in the water.  Thanks to all the hard working guys at Anchors Away, we are prepared for the up-coming boating season.

THURSDAY 10/25/2012

15 NM traveled today from Hempstead to Dockside marina at Wrightsville Beach

After spending a peaceful night on the still floating Quest we were ready to cast off and make our way down to the Wilmington area.  Since arriving here we have been working until ready to drop and, even though we were aware of the approaching Hurricane Sandy, we hadn’t paid a lot of attention to her.  She will be in our area by Friday evening and is expected to linger through the weekend.  Our place of refuge ended up being at the Dockside Restaurant and Marina just off the Wrightsville Beach Bridge.  Now the process of replacing all the staples on Quest has begun.  Whew!  Things like sugar, flour, mustard, jam, paper towels, toothbrushes, lotion and on and on and on..............;

FRIDAY 10/26/2012

With an eye on the approaching storm we carried out all of the necessary chores to prepare Quest for both Sandy and our journey.  Steven surprised us with his presence and we quickly put him to work assisting us.  By the time Richard and Charlene arrived at the Wilmington Airport from California, we were ready for whatever!  They were greeted with a little light rain but that was about it.

SATURDAY 10/27/2012

Looks like Sandy will be kind to Wilmington.  It rained all day but we never saw winds over 25.  We gave Richard and Charlene the  tour of Wilmington, the college, Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach before heading back to Quest to prepare for the “hurricane party” back at the old neighborhood in Southeast Harbor. 

Neighbors gathered to feast on 3 bushels of steamed local oysters and shrimp.  We huddled around a table in the garage where they dumped the oysters, grabbed a shucking knife and joined in the process of prying open the shells to access their treasure.  Everyone had a great time visiting, shucking and eating while the rain continued to fall outside.

SUNDAY 10 28/2012

With an eye on the weather we made final preparations to leave our safe-haven here at dockside and continue our journey south.  Tomorrow morning seems to be looking good and I think we are all ready.  We have assured all friends and family members that we on Quest have survived the threat of Sandy.  While she was more than kind to this area, those in the Northeast may not fare so well. 

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