Saturday, March 30, 2013


 3/17/2013 TO 3/25/13  

                We were reunited with Algonquin when they arrived at Bimini on Monday afternoon and dock in the adjacent slip at Brown’s Marina.  Zeke, their Portuguese Water Dog, was generous with his kisses and happy to get his paws on shore after two days traveling from Nassau.  We enjoyed their company Tuesday then they left for Florida early Wednesday morning, Garth’s birthday.


                Mike Wraga and Dave Powers flew into the little South Bimini Airport on Thursday afternoon and Dan took the tender across to bring them to North Bimini and Quest.  This little jaunt from North and South Bimini is quite short and I could see them from the boat.  The little ferry runs between the two islands almost constantly transporting workers, school children and guest.

                The guys spent Friday fishing on a hired fishing boat and returned with a delicious grouper for our dinner.  The seas were rough and conditions not so good but they all had a good time.  The other days they just snooped around in the tender and did catch a few more fish.


                Someone suggested that we go to the southern end of Gun Cay to visit the rays.  Under favorable conditions it wouldn't have taken long but with the winds and waves up in arms it took about 2 hours to reach our destination at a slow idle speed.  Since the conditions were so bad I, unfortunately, did not take my camera.  Boy was that a mistake.  We threw out an anchor and climbed out of the tender in the shallow waters of the protected southern beach and were immediately greeted by two beautiful and extremely curious rays.  These silky creatures skimmed the sandy bottom around our feet, weaving in and around our legs.  At first it was a bit discerning but soon we were bending down to pat the top of their wings.  As we grew comfortable with their company we snorkeled around their territory and even sat down with them.  We were usually with three that seemed to like being with us but did see up to five in the area.  After we had been there for a while and they grew to trust us, one of the Sting Rays brought over a very small, young ray to meet us.  This was truly one of the coolest things I have done, ever.  These wild creatures were not forced to mingle with us but choose to approach due to their curiosity and of their own will.  Just way too cool!

                With Mike and Dave scheduled to fly out on Monday afternoon (3/25) Dan and I felt comfortable to take advantage of the extremely short window of favorable weather to make the crossing from Bimini to Fort Lauderdale.  Since it looked to be the only day for a week to make our exit, it was kind of a decision forced upon us.  Dave and Mike were able to leave their luggage at the marina, scour the town, comb the beach and shower at the marina when they were ready to take the ferry to the airport.

                Quest left Bimini around 11:00 AM and we were pulling into the Port Everglades Inlet by 5:00 PM when we received a call from Mike in Bimini.  Seems the best of plans can sometimes go awry.  Their 3:00 departure had been delayed and they were still on Bimini!  They finally made it to Florida real late, spent the night and flew out for the north early the next morning.  Whoops!

                Boy, guess we are not in the Bahamas any more.  The busy Port Everglades was a zoo with cruise ships pulling out, fishermen returning to port and general chaos all around.  We pulled into the Las Olas City Marina after closing time but found many helping hands to assist in our tie-up.  Now we can breathe a little easier knowing that we have made the crossing and can get to Stuart, even under nasty conditions, in time for Dan to fly out next Monday.


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