Monday, April 2, 2012

03/26/2012 THROUGH 04/01/2012 STILL IN ST. MARTIN


During this past week we experienced some extremely humid and hot days that had us all whining and an unbearable visitation of mosquitoes at the Hanson’s charming abode.  Dick, who is never bothered by the pesky critters, developed an allergic reaction to their attack and I finally convinced them to join me on the Quest.  I was most grateful for their company.
We paid a visit to Phillipsburg, the capitol city on the Dutch side for some light shopping one day and on Wednesday we went to Marigot on the French side for Hanson haircuts and cocktails with Richard and Barbara Feingold before they flew home on Thursday.

Dan finally made it back here on Thursday and we all welcomed him at the airport.  We spent the evening on Quest where Dick, recovering nicely from his allergic reaction to the voracious mosquitoes, made us a scrumptious pasta dish for dinner.  Stories were passed around as we updated Dan on our recent activities and he reported on Vermont news. 
Friday saw Dick and Cheryl leaving St. Martin to return home to Vermont.  I will surely miss their company.  Thank goodness they were here to amuse me during Dan’s prolonged absence.

By the way, contrary to our high expectations, Dan did not hold one of the willing tickets for the $640 million Mega Million jackpot.  So sad!

Saturday morning brought a flurry of activity in the marina as weekly charters returned in the morning and new, bright eyed sailors arrived for their upcoming week on the water. Dan noticed that a runabout would escort the returning vessels through the tricky harbor entrance then a captain would jump aboard and dock them.  This eliminated much of the true excitement of possible (and probable) catastrophes that often occur while docking the boats.

After exhausting this avenue of amusement and checking the current weather, I had had enough! It is really time to move on!  I did the check-out on the provided computer while Dan filled Quest with water and paid up our bill.  It was a tad bit rough right at first but most of the 9 miles traveled was just fine.  We dropped anchor at Grand Case, sunned on the deck in a lovely breeze, took a swim then headed to shore for a walk and dinner.  How nice it is to be out on the water!
Sunday found us again enjoying the benefits of anchoring.  Dan jumped into the warm waters of the bay and gave the con-Quest a good scrub to eliminate the gross buildup of green slime that had accumulated on her bottom in the marina.  We strolled on the beach then plopped down at Calmos Café to use their free Internet, sample their tasty lunch menu and spend some time just sunning on their beach chairs, taking time out to dip our warm bodies in the refreshing water. 
By 3:30 we were back on Quest, pulling up anchor and heading off for our night run to Culebra with light breezes and calm seas.

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